Open source chatbot for educational support

This page is a test page to feed the database to which the chatbot refers to answer queries. The chatbot is still under construction, so it can currently perform the following tasks

Give course information that you provide through the database

  • Example: Who is the teacher?
  • Example: When does the course begin?
  • Example: What is the course about?
  • Example: What are the resources for the course?
  • Give information about the chapters

  • Example: Description of chapter 1
  • Example: Content of chapter 1
  • Example: Ressources of chapter 1
  • Give information about the tasks and deadlines

  • Example: Do we have pendant homeworks?
  • Example: When is the deadline for the homework?
  • Example: Could you please describe the pendant tasks?
  • Give definitions or meanings for topics

  • Example: What does Education mean?
  • Example: What is the meaning of online learning